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This page is dedicated to smaller game prototypes and Scratch games, so they'll only get a brief summary each, instead of getting a dedicated page like my bigger/more complete projects.


A prototype for a game I'm planning on actually making a full version of someday. The game was made on my year long course on game development at HEO on a week long game jam course, using the Unity engine. The main idea is that the player has two forms that they are able to switch between by managing their health bar. The forms have different stats and changes in abilities, so it has the potential to let the player choose to either play slow and safe, or play fast and risky.


When the player has more than half their health, their attack is slower but deals more damage per hit, and they have a dash with a long cooldown and a single jump. Their run speed is also slower.

When the player has less than half their health, their attacks are faster and deal less damage, but two of them can be chained together by attacking twice in a short time frame. They have a shorter dash cooldown, faster run speed and a double jump.

Controls: W or Space to jump, A and D to run. Shift to dash. Click to attack.

All art in the game is made by me, while all coding was made by hissal. Sounds were made by another classmate. Below you can get a closer look at some concept art, animations and spritesheets I made for the game.


One of the first Scratch games I've made, Miukumaukaun mukava päivä is a game about a kitty trying to catch butterflies.


All "coding" and art by me, my friend kindly provided me with original background music. This is just a silly little game but I honestly think the graphics turned out super cute.

Controls: Arrow buttons to move. Space to use up one of your bee-repelling meows to get rid of the bee for a moment.

Below some art from the game, isolated for your viewing pleasure.


Like many other things here, this frog game was also made during my year long course on game development at HEO. This was an exercise in learning the fundamentals of Unity and putting your art into the game, and once again features art all made by me. The parallax scrolling background is the real star of the show here and the reason I even included it in my portfolio, and I ask anyone viewing to please ignore the atrocious and floaty controls and the general nonsensicality of the whole game.

Controls: AD to move. W to jump. The ducks are enemies, so avoid those. Touch the wildly jumping mushroom to get transported to the next level.

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